vintage denim furniture

Hand-distressed for a vintage look

Vintage Denim furniture

Jake Heck Brand - vintage denim furniture

Introducing Jake Heck Brand.  Hand distressed upholstery furniture with a vintage look.  

My goal is simple: I set-out to design a line of furniture that has attitude.  Each piece of Jake Heck Brand furniture is hand-distressed to create a vintage, lived-in look that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.  Imagine a pair of designer jeans that has been distressed, faded and worn to perfection.  …combine that with your favorite sofa or chair, and the result is Jake Heck Brand furniture.  Creating these looks on fabric furniture is no easy task but I believe the result is well worth the effort – I hope you agree.  

Thank you for your interest in Jake Heck Brand furniture   ….and welcome to the start of something new.

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