Q:  I see some of your pieces are not shown in the two fabric / color options available: distressed black and distressed navy blue.  How do I know what my piece will look like?

A:  A number of pieces are pictured in the correct fabric / colors.  Try looking at the Bayside sofa collection or the Nicollet Chair collection and you'll see exactly what the Distressed Black and Distressed Navy Blue actually look like.


Q:  All of your pieces are available only with slipcovers.  Why is that and are they available without slipcovers?

A:  The hand-distressing process usually requires the removal of the denim in order to achieve the desired worn look.  At this time only slipcovered versions of these products are available unless otherwise noted.


Q:  What type of fabric is under the slipcover?

A:  Underneath all slipcovers we use a 100% cotton fabric in off-white.  This is what you will see on each piece when you remove the slipcover for washing. 


Q:  How are my pieces delivered and how much does it cost?

A:  All orders are delivered directly to your home and moved inside by a professional delivery team.  There are no extra charges for delivery - it's free!


Q:  Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive my pieces?

A:  Every piece is customized and made to order just for you.  Therefore, please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.


Q:  How will your hand-distressed fabrics hold-up over time?

A:  We use only the finest denim fabrics, hand-picked for their ability to display wear patterns while maintaining their durability and ultra soft feel over time.  Denim is a naturally durable fabric which is why it plays such an important role in the apparel industry.  


Q:  Do you have plans for other colors aside from Distressed Black and Distressed Navy Blue?

A:  Yes, we are in constant development of new colors that will look great in your home, so stay tuned for product updates and announcements.